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What Names do you have for Feelings

Patrick Ralph

What Names do you have for Feelings

Knowing more words for feelings will help describe feelings as they arise. They can be the key to mindful living.

We know when we feel something but it is not always easy to describe it or to share it with another. Feelings and emotions are felt and not verbalised. This is an extra step which can be difficult if you do not have appropriate words to hand. A good emotional vocabulary can help working through feelings.


Lonely, Vulnerable, Despair, Guilty Depressed, Hurt, Embarrassed, Inferior, Empty, Remorseful, Isolated, Abandoned, Victimised, Fragile, Grief, Powerless, Ashamed.


Playful, Content, Interested, Proud, Accepted, Powerful, Peaceful, Trusting, Optimistic, Aroused, Cheeky, Free, Joyful, Curious, Inquisitive, Successful, Confident, Respected, Valued, Courageous, Creative, Loving, Thankful, Sensitive, Intimate, Hopeful,Inspired.


Startled, Confused, Amazed, Excited, Shocked, Dismayed, Disillusioned, Perplexed, Astonished, Awe, Eager, Energetic.


Bored, Busy, Stressed, Tired, Indifferent, Apathetic, Pressured, Rushed, Overwhelmed, Out of Control, Sleepy, Unfocused.


Scared, Anxious, Insecure, Weak, Rejected, Threatened, Helpless, Frightened, Overwhelmed, Worried, Inadequate, Inferior, Worthless, Insignificant, Excluded, Persecuted, Nervous, Exposed.

People who hide their feelings usually care the most


Let Down, Humiliated, Bitter, Mad, Aggressive, Frustrated, Distant, Critical, Betrayed, Resentful, Disrespected, Ridiculed, Indignant, Violated, Furious, Jealous, Provoked, Hostile, Infuriated, Annoyed, Withdrawn, Numb. Sceptical, Dismissive.


Disapproving, Disappointed, Awful, Repelled, Judgemental, Embarrassed, Appalled, Revolted, Nauseated, Detestable, Horrified, Hesitant.